Shipko, represents 100 years of experience in ship supplies. The ultimate professionals of service to you in all fields. Ship supplies = shipping, government regulations, customs, stock, quality, service and above all, speed! All these factors apply to delivery on board of any ship, anywhere in the world. One-stop shopping at Shipko: on line with shipping and on line with government/customs to guarantee fast delivery without any mistakes.

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Food and Non food

Food and Non FoodDelivery of Food and Non Food. Everything you need on board; for the vessel, its crew and cargo

  • Quality goods, both food and non-food
  • Duty Free goods
  • All manner of hull accessories / tools / cleansing materials
  • Medicine
  • Safety equipment
Storage Owner

Storage Owners PartsPerfect storage and shipment by professionals

  • Logistic services, storage and handling of Owners Parts

CateringOur customers cost control on food and

  • Global catering (via our worldwide network)
  • Budget catering (according to fixed price p/m, p/d)