Shipko has an extensive know-how which is mainly a heritage of Kooyman Shipchandlers, a company enjoying almost 100 years of experience in the ship supplying business. The management originate from Kooyman Shipchandlers. Therefore we grasp the challenges our clients encounter on a daily basis. We understand the importance of good quality, rapidity and accuracy and are on a constant journey to improve and making us an even more significant partner within the shipping industry.

Shipko strives to celebrate the philosophy of a traditional shipchandler embraced by a modern organization always respecting the sustainability in both a social and environmental way. Our objective is to earn the position as your preferred partner for marine supplies in The Netherlands: Provisions (fresh, frozen, dry), bonded stores (beverage, tobacco, alcohol, etc.) and general stores (engine, deck, cabin, spare parts).

Shipko is lead by the 4th generation of Shipchandlers. Founder of this family of Shipchandlers was Johannes Kooyman in the year 1918. He sailed in a small bum-boat mainly carrying fresh supplies and wooden shoes. This bum-boat peddled from one ship to the other, mainly sailing vessels and clippers at the time. In the passed 100 years we have developed an instinct for excellent process control, efficient purchasing, perfect logistics and organization. As a result of that Shipko obtained the status of Authorised Economic Operator ( AEO ).

Today, we are based in Dordrecht (Port of Rotterdam), where we have our own warehousefacilities (3000m2). We provide Food and Non Food, general shipsupplies and logistic services, like storage and distribution of owners parts.